Exclusive Feature: Why tech holds the key for Employers of Choice

Becoming the best takes habit, not luck

Exclusive Feature: Why tech holds the key for Employers of Choice

Tech is an essential tool for establishing your company as an Employer of Choice. After all, if you’re an HR professional who doesn’t have insight into your employees, how can you effectively assess what components are missing from the workplace as it currently stands? Do you know how to contact everyone in the event of an emergency? Who’s ready to step into a leadership role?

Perhaps most importantly from a big picture perspective, how are you going to offer your employees the best possible career paths?

Mike Ellis of Rizing and Liam Ovenden of Colliers share their insights into how tech shapes an Employer of Choice in this exclusive feature for HRD. Within its pages, you’ll discover: 

  • Why becoming an Employer of Choice is a habit, not a fluke
  • Why HR specialists need to demand more from the tech they use
  • How effective integration is replacing the “best of breed” approach
  • How internal tech adoption is driven by having the right partner

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