Exclusive Feature: Cloud-based HR for business continuity

Tech support for your business in a crisis

Exclusive Feature: Cloud-based HR for business continuity

Business resilience and continuity have never been more important. The trying circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic have highlighted the interconnected nature of the world and, more importantly, the need to protect and leverage that interconnectedness.

But as an HR professional, are you leveraging it effectively? What sort of innovative means are you using to deploy tech that engages staff, while also protecting external relationships.

In this feature, Stephen Moore, Head of Asia Pacific and Japan at Ceridian, outlines the case for cloud-based solutions to ensure better business continuity.

  • Why crisis preparation is essential to any modern business plan
  • Why cloud-based tech enables better access to information 
  • How you can pivot to a remote workplace more swiftly and efficiently
  • How centralised HR data benefits staff from head office to the front line
  • Why good payroll is essential to a good employee experience

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