Global 100 – HR 2022

The past couple of years have been revolutionary for HR leaders and their teams. The pandemic changed where and how organizations work and our expectations around work-life balance. While it’s been exhausting, for HRD’s Global 100 HR leaders, it’s also been incredibly rewarding, and their outstanding contributions are recognized here. As part of the 2022 Global 100 awards, HRD conducted thorough research into the sector, examining the challenges of the past year, HR’s trajectory and how organizations can be better prepared. 


Challenges and cultural crises

O.C. Tanner’s 2022 Global Culture Report highlighted the dual role that meaning and leadership play in creating a safe space for employees. Leadership teams are also burning out, with managers 42% more likely to say work interferes with their ability to be happy. 

“Community and fulfilment were two of the main themes running through our report this year,” says Meghan Stettler, director of the O.C. Tanner Institute and one of HRD’s Global 100 winners. “In order to create a culture and an organization where employees feel connected, leaders must focus on the role recognition plays as well as looking at fulfilment levels.” 

For HR leaders, one of the challenges was how to safeguard organization-wide mental health while protecting their own wellbeing and building meaningful connections. 

“There has been a substantive increase in the frequency of challenges that employers have had to deal with,” says Raeleen Manjak, director of HR at the City of Vernon, BC, Canada, and another Global 100 winner. “Employees may feel a lack of engagement if the workplace does not focus on health and wellbeing during a turbulent and extended period of ambiguity. People are also looking for transformational leadership, which must include facets of meaning, connection and fulfilment. It’s about building a culture that is meaningful.” 



Hiring globally in a tight labour market

HRD’s Global 100 winners navigated these trying times with determination and compassion, leading their organizations to thrive. The pandemic may have been “the most stressful time in HR leaders’ careers,” but it also brought unexpected benefits. The talent market is intense right now, but it’s also global, and remote or hybrid models are the norm. This worldwide talent pool means employers can hire anyone, anywhere, at any time. 

“The pandemic taught organizations that it's OK to hire people who don't sit in the office five days a week,” says Matt Burns, CEO of BentoHR. “Inflationary pressures created financial pressure. This means it’s more financially feasible to hire somebody in a foreign capacity than it is to hire a full-time domestic resource. Employers can now acquire talent from all around the world without having to be worried about the benefits and all the additional costs that may come along with them.” 


The changing role of HR post-pandemic

HRD’s research found one of the central themes running through the sector was the changing face of HR. The profession has gone from an administrative “nice to have” to a core strategic business partner. HR leaders are now intrinsically linked to all facets of an organization. Our Global 100 winners now wear many hats – and while it’s been a great learning curve, it’s also led to overwork and stress. HR professionals need to balance their own mental health with their C-suiters’ requests. 

“That overall holistic experience in the five areas of wellbeing applied across the HR sector would be a positive change,” says Patricia Hubbard, senior consultant at Gallup. “If we can focus on the career, community, social, physical and financial wellbeing of each person recruited and maintained in the HR sector, it would be a positive shift for the future.” 



Building culture during uncertainty

Looking ahead to 2023, employers will have to realign their cultures and leadership teams to drive meaning and hold on to top talent. With employees willing to jump ship or even take a pay decrease to find meaningful work, it’s vital HR leaders imbue an authentic culture – even in remote work. 

“I’ve always had a firm belief that HR leaders need to lead from the front, not from the back,” says Global 100 winner Gena Restivo, vice president of HR at AstraZeneca. “Part of that is thinking of themselves as the true strategic ambassadors for the organization. How can we define our value proposition? Why should people join your organization? What is your commitment to them? How will you develop them? How do you support them? How do you compensate them? How do you build these inclusive cultures? HR leaders need to tell that story from the front of the room, which is something we need to continue to build on as a sector.” 


Global 100 – HR 2022

  • Alex Smith
    City of Memphis (US)
  • Alexandra Badenoch
    Telstra (AU)
  • Alicia Rogowski
    Tim Hortons Foundation Camps (CA)
  • Amy Schutt
    QBE Insurance (AU)
  • Andrea Wynter
    ADP (CA)
  • Angela Champ
    Lean In Canada/Alpine Building (CA)
  • Anita Patrick
    PepsiCo (AU)
  • Anne Bastian
    Liberty (AU)
  • Annette Brown
    Concentrix (US)
  • Ariel Woo
    Allianz Asia Pacific (Asia)
  • Belinda Willis
    Deloitte Australia (AU)
  • Bernard C. Coleman III
    Gusto (US)
  • Beth Hummels
    Wells Fargo (US)
  • Brent Hyder
    Salesforce (US)
  • Brooke Adams
    Slalom (AU)
  • Cassie Whitlock
    BambooHR (US)
  • Chee-Wei Tan
    Shell (Asia)
  • Chris Taylor
    Best Buy (CA)
  • Christian Campanella
    Pernod Ricard Winemakers (AU)
  • Christian Meisner
    Kaiser Permanente (US)
  • Claire Guichard
    Schneider Electric (CA)
  • David Blackburn
    Financial Services Compensation Scheme (UK)
  • Deborah Stonley
    Maddocks (AU)
  • Derek Brown
    First Fed (US)
  • Devayani Tilak Sengupta
    Credit Suisse (Asia)
  • Dierdre O’Brien
    Apple (US)
  • Don Tefft
    Allied Universal (US)
  • Donna Burnett Vachon
    Hydro Ottawa (CA)
  • Emma Taylor
    Tesco (UK)
  • Francine Katsoudas
    Cisco (US)
  • Gareth Cameron
    McDonald’s (NZ)
  • Geraldine Joanes
    Diageo (AU)
  • Geraldine Wai
    Pfizer (Asia)
  • Gina Jeneroux
    BMO (CA)
  • Gloria Chen
    Adobe (US)
  • Greg Bever
    IHOP (US)
  • Ilja Rijnen
    Beam Suntory (Asia)
  • Jade Veverka
    BPAY (AU)
  • Jaganathan Rajasivam
    Intel Corporation (Asia)
  • James Fulton
    Goldman Sachs (UK)
  • Jarik Conrad
    UKG (US)
  • Jeff Ostermann
    Sweetwater (US)
  • Jeffrey Housman
    Restaurant Brands International (US)
  • Jennifer Frisch
    Starbucks (US)
  • Joanne Reichardt
    AcuraBio (AU)
  • Jodie Choo
    Far East Organization (Asia)
  • Josephine Teo
    L'Oréal (Asia)
  • Juliett Campbell
    Papa Johns (UK)
  • Karen Lim
    Skyworks Solutions (Asia)
  • Kate Daly
    Fonterra (NZ)
  • Kathleen Hogan
    Microsoft (US)
  • Kathryn Austin
    Pizza Hut Restaurants (UK)
  • Katie Burke
    HubSpot (US)
  • Kelly Davis
    Sunwing (CA)
  • Kelly McCulloch
    Taco Bell (US)
  • Kenn Lalonde
    TD (CA)
  • Kyle Burch
    Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (US)
  • Laura Hinton
    PwC (UK)
  • Lisa Chang
    The Coca-Cola Company (US)
  • Liz Sebag-Montefiore
    10Eighty (UK)
  • Loren Rosario-Maldonado
    Claro Enterprise Solutions (US)
  • Lynn Dang
    Microsoft (Asia)
  • Manon Pietra
    Canva (AU)
  • Marissa Andrada
    Chipotle Mexican Grill (US)
  • Mary Blake
    Employsure (AU)
  • Matthew Saxon
    Zoom (US)
  • Meghan Stettler
    O.C. Tanner Institute (US)
  • Melanie Peacock
    Mount Royal University (CA)
  • Nabeela Ixtabalan
    Walmart (CA)
  • Neha Pareek
    Dyson (Asia)
  • Nikki Dines
    Air New Zealand (NZ)
  • Paul Richardson
    The Walt Disney Company (US)
  • Raeleen Manjak
    City of Vernon, BC, Canada (CA)
  • Robert Stone
    Wunderman Thompson (AU)
  • Ronita Majumdar Basu
    JLL India (Asia)
  • Rose Johnson
    DHL Supply Chain (NZ)
  • Ryan Ghisi
    Xero (NZ)
  • Sandy Sharman
    CIBC (CA)
  • Sarah Curchill
    CareFlight (AU)
  • Sharia Jamieson
    Engenco (AU)
  • Sheela Parakkal
    Prudential Assurance Company Singapore (Asia)
  • Simon Gagne
    Sobeys (CA)
  • Stephanie Bass
    BAMKO (US)
  • Stephen Bobko
  • Sue Round
    Lodestar Talent (UK)
  • Susan Gelinas
    lululemon (CA)
  • Sylvia Moretti
    Sun Life (CA)
  • Tamara Zeina Hassan
    Mars (Asia)
  • Tara Ataya
    Hootsuite (CA)
  • Tash Macknish
    Data#3 (AU)
  • Tim Painter
    Stonegate Group (UK)
  • Tina McCreery
    Deloitte (AU)
  • Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
    University College London (UK)
  • Traci Wade
    Oracle (US)
  • Vicky Drakousis
    Allianz (AU)
  • Victoria Doherty
    Export Finance Australia (AU)
  • Wendy Xia
    DB Schenker (Asia)
  • Zabeen Hirji
    Deloitte (CA)