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Rose Sneyd
Rose Sneyd is a news highly-accomplished news reporter. 

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The case for hiring ex-offenders

There are pros and cons to hiring those with a criminal record according to one expert – is it something you’ve done or would do?

Job role impacts engagement: Fact or fiction?

Gallup research over several years has revealed a correlation between an employee’s occupation and engagement level.

Foster a culture of ‘intrapreneurialism’

By encouraging a culture of ‘intrapreneurialism,’ big organisations could help their employees drive innovation and growth, and ultimately boost the economy.

Mediocre degrees and recreational drugs: best practice hiring?

In a recent column published in the Spectator, Rory Sutherland, vice-chairman of Ogilvy group, lamented the studiousness of today’s youth.

More evidence of the work-life merge

“The boundaries of the workplace are expanding and now reach deeper into employees’ lives, especially now that mobile technology is taken for granted.”

The case against oddball interview questions

Google has decided to do away with the infamous brainteasers with which they plagued interviewees. What changed their minds?

‘The business case for stronger disaster risk management is clear’: UN report

The United Nations has warned the global business community that the economic losses linked to natural disasters are ‘out of control’.

Think you’ve found a star performer? Walk away

Those who dazzle you in an interview may do so because of narcissistic personality traits and, if so, you should stay well clear.

Air NZ accused of tattoo ‘double standard’

Air New Zealand has been accused of dashing the dreams of a young mother who wanted to become an air hostess, terminating her interview on the discovery of her ta moko.

New app allows you to compare salaries globally

A new ‘Salary Checker’ app has been launched which allows job seekers and employers instantly to compare salaries for a number of professions across 20 different countries.