Fun Friday: Trending career hashtags on TikTok

Ready to go viral with your career advice?

Fun Friday: Trending career hashtags on TikTok

HR and recruitment professionals have a new virtual hangout for finding creative content for their profession: video-sharing platform TikTok. But with the sheer volume of footage being shared through the app every single day, it’s easy to get lost in a rabbit hole of unrelated content. From dance videos and skits to quick tutorials. So, how can HR make use of TikTok? Through trending hashtags, of course!

In the past year, the app’s vibrant community has generated unique videos focused on career and personal development, and many have gone viral with help from popular hashtags. Employee advocacy tech group PostBeyond compiled these top trending hashtags to help employers navigate the wild and fanciful world of TikTok.

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“The space is ever-growing with content focused on careers with videos for #work and #worklife building up billions of views. There is also a big feature within the top-performing topics of tips, advice and coaching content, showcasing the skill-sharing aspect of the space,” said Daniel Ku, marketing director at PostBeyond. “The careers community is home to many industry professionals offering advice, whether [they] be dedicated career coaches or more industry-specific content creators.”

When it comes to the most popular content, those with #worklife in the past year garnered 4.7 billion views. This was followed by #jobtips (2.2 billion) and #careeradvice (1.4 billion). And while a more straightforward hashtag like #work would naturally rake in more views, 29.9 billion to be exact, those with a quirkier hashtag like #worklifebelike are also gaining traction with 54.5 million.

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“Whether these insights inspire a personal interest in the space or the motivation to skill share yourself, TikTok is the platform of choice for digestible, personable and quick-fire career content,” Ku said.

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