'Work from anywhere' approach is strong recruiting tool, says HR leader

Company has seen an uptick in applicants, particularly from firms that flip-flopped their hybrid work stance

'Work from anywhere' approach is strong recruiting tool, says HR leader

As the return-to-office (RTO) debate continues, the “new normal” has yet to truly begin.

Instead, employers and employees are stuck in a “messy middle,” according to Elizabeth Chrane, chief people officer at Atlanta-based consultancy OneDigital, which operates under a hybrid work schedule.

“The benefits of a flexible policy include higher employee engagement scores, as we receive frequent feedback demonstrating that remote working and flexible hours are significant retention tools,” Chrane told HRD.

OneDigital’s “work from anywhere” approach is also a strong recruiting tool. Chrane says there’s been an uptick in job applicants, particularly from firms that have flip-flopped their stance on hybrid working over the past few years.

“We’re keeping our eye on how much of a lure hybrid working will be if we start to see significant layoffs in our industry,” Chrane says. “From a recruiting standpoint, we can now conduct national searches to find the right skill set without the limitations of searching within a specific geography or providing relocation assistance.”

To support employee engagement amongst a distributed workforce, the company has created innovative opportunities for gathering in-person, such as bi-weekly “payday breakfasts.” The consultancy has also relaunched its regional and national conferences, as well as its in-person team building and professional development programs.

Plus, OneDigital has established an employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to remote work. “The Remote Employee Network offers creative activities and communication channels that unite employees across regions and operational areas,” Chrane says. “It also serves to augment and enhance new employee training and onboarding by providing instant connections to their colleagues. The group also provides a sounding board and feedback loop as we identify and address the unique needs of our remote workforce.”   

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