Train managers, supervisors to engage employees

The California-based company behind the Headspace app can help you out

Train managers, supervisors to engage employees

Employee engagement is a measurement of how motivated, passionate and invested employees are to their work, their employer and their colleagues. Employees are truly engaged when leaders can align their strengths with the company’s goals.

After all, managers have a significant influence on the engagement of employees. For example, if managers themselves aren’t engaged, employees will most likely follow suit, creating a disastrous ripple effect throughout the company.

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That’s why it’s vital to give your leadership the tools they need to connect with the company and help engage employees. Managers should also learn to see themselves as coaches and mentors, providing employees with support, constructive criticism and encouragement. To get the ball rolling, companies can offer leadership development seminars and training programs to their senior and middle managers.

Take Headspace Health for instance. The global provider of mental health and well-being solutions has recently launched a leadership education program to equip managers with science-backed practices to drive cultural change in organizations, support mental health and well-being in the workplace and improve employee engagement, productivity and retention.

The Leadership Workshop Series kicks off a culture services program from the Santa Monica, CA-based company that aims to bolster compassion among leaders and prepare them to engage in meaningful conversations with their teams about mental health, burnout and stress in a manner that fosters psychological safety.

The initial series, which is being offered in collections, single sessions or a combination of both, gives organizations flexibility to meet the real-time needs of managers and their teams. The Mindful Leadership Collection is intended for leaders of any level and provides guidance for managers on self-compassion and compassion for others. The Managing Healthy Teams Collection is intended for people managers and includes topics such as burnout management, psychological safety and check-in techniques.

“With employee burnout and turnover at an all-time high, companies are beginning to recognize that investing in leadership training on mental health and well-being is now table stakes,” said Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace Health. “By equipping managers with the education and tools they need, leaders will see less attrition, more fulfilled employees and ultimately a positive impact on the bottom line.”

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