The Great Re-Imagination: Begin your HR transformation journey

Concentrix Catalyst presents webinar on how low-code applications can improve employee experience

The Great Re-Imagination: Begin your HR transformation journey

Let’s face it: HR departments have their hands full while contending with the fallout of the Great Resignation, in which companies across the United States have been experiencing historic turnover.

In fact, more than 60 million Americans have quit their jobs over the past year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. In March, more Americans than ever before – 4.54 million – fled their employers. That’s an increase of 152,000 from February and higher than the former record of 4.53 million in November 2021. The professional and business services sector, as well as the construction industry, saw the most resignations.

Prompted by the pandemic to re-evaluate their priorities in life, workers have been leaving their positions for greener pastures, demanding higher salaries, better working conditions, improved work-life balance and more opportunities to advance their career. To combat the nationwide staffing shortage and compete for talent, employers are having to increase their compensation and benefits packages beyond the traditional healthcare, dental, vision and 401(k) offers.

That’s led to many HR teams being tasked with reimagining the work experience.

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The increasing desire for remote work, or at least a hybrid work model, has forced companies to adapt to employees’ demands. If not, they risk ending up as another casualty of the Great Resignation. Meanwhile, HR leaders are striving to improve their diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) commitments to ensure more people from different backgrounds feel welcome and inspired to contribute to the company.

Legacy applications sit at the crossroads of HR’s ability to compete in a remote work environment, streamline time to market and create inclusive cultures. To better retain employees, HR must transform its people and re-evaluate the systems it has in place.

Meeting staff where they’re at requires a human-centered approach to solutions. Low-code platforms, such as Microsoft PowerApps, can help make work accessible by eliminating menial tasks and enabling people to focus on higher-level job functions.

Concentrix Catalyst, the experience design and engineering team of global solutions firm Concentrix, is hosting a webinar for HR leaders to gain the company’s expertise from guiding organizations on their HR transformation journey. Todd Folsom, managing director of strategic alliances at Concentrix Catalyst, will be presenting during the webinar. Responsible for the overall Microsoft Alliance relationship, he brings more than 35 years of experience to Concentrix Catalyst and more than a quarter century of experience working with and for Microsoft.

RegisterThe Great Re-Imagination: HR Transformation With Low-Code Applications

His charter is to bring to life the key solutions Catalyst is building across the Microsoft technology stack, driving digital transformation across the market.

“The Great Resignation has put a microscope on streamlining HR processes,” Folsom told HRD. “For HR teams already stretched thin, the ability to do more with less through self-service platforms and greater automation can be a difference-maker in new-hire onboarding and the freeing up of team members to focus on the work that matters. HR leaders looking to take the reins from IT and pilot their own solutions need to see how low-code tools can jumpstart their next initiative.”

Folsom will be joined by David Darby, managing director at Concentrix Catalyst, and David Soden, principal officer at Concentrix Catalyst.

Working with Fortune 500 companies, Darby has more than two decades of experience in web architecture and development. He’s also spent more than 15 years in IT/digital marketing project/product management and leadership. His core competencies lie in leadership, negotiating, strategic thinking, execution, delivering results and customer management across various industries. He enjoys infusing technology into business and marketing processes and driving increased efficiency, tracking and reporting, application self-service and innovative user experience.

Soden has more than 25 years of experience in both software and digital infrastructure solutions, including hybrid digital cloud infrastructure and software designed to speed up the needs of both Fortune 500 and medium to large-sized companies. He also brings an additional 17 years of software product management and leadership to his role. His chief strengths lie in architecting low-code and traditional software solutions, strategic thinking, execution, delivering results, and leadership across various modern and legacy IT teams. He is passionate about improving operational efficiencies by leveraging modern low-code technologies where applicable, driving increased efficiency, maximizing ROI, and enriching both the internal and external user experience.

By signing up for the free webinar, you’ll gain insight into why legacy applications can be a brain drain for organizations and how cloud-based, low-code solutions improve collaboration across the enterprise. You’ll also discover real-world examples of how low-code applications are transforming the employee experience.

Register here for The Great Re-Imagination: HR Transformation With Low-Code Applications webinar taking place June 21 at 1 p.m. EST.

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