Why workforce management matters for New Zealand employees

Why workforce management matters for New Zealand employees

Whitepaper from Workforce Software

The NZ workforce landscape is diversifying – featuring a wider range of generational workers and working arrangements than ever.  The mixture of full-time workers, part-time workers adds to the complexity that NZ employers face in adhering to NZ’s specific legislated labour regulations.

This datasheet shows how technology and automated solutions can be employed to help NZ businesses remain compliant:  how even the most complex agreements such as annualised hours, look-back calculations and flexi-time contracts can be automated using a robust timekeeping and employee roster application.  This transforms workforce management into an efficient, accurate, and error-free function.

Key facts included in the whitepaper

  •  Never before has New Zealand’s workforce landscape featured such a diverse range of generations and working arrangements. These arrangements range from full-time or part-time to casual and contract agreements
  • New Zealand’s labour laws include complex contract agreements such as annualised hours and flexi-time contracts, which differ markedly from standard full-time or part-time contracts
  • Organisations need to adhere to a variety of legislated labour regulations.  Manual timesheeting solutions post a compliance risk to the organisation
  • EmpLive is an easily-accessible, cloud-based workforce management solution that puts a robust rostering, leave and absence management solution at the fingertips of the employe
  • Automated workforce technology increases efficiency and optimises organisational processes by minimising manual processes and payroll errors.


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