HR goes cloud: insights into SAP’s digital transformation

HR goes cloud: insights into SAP’s digital transformation

SAP’s HR Digital transformation has provided end-to-end process integration and a holistic user experience for all of their HR processes. Follow along SAP’s digital transformation journey towards helping organisations become best-run businesses, with HR at the core. From Talent Management to Core HR and Shared Services and harmonising the relationship between HR and Finance, this whitepaper provides an in-depth look at the challenges, objectives, resolutions and key learnings experienced by SAP.

  • People, Culture and Technology are at the centre of SAP Digital Transformation

  • How SAP SuccessFactors solutions simplified the way SAP does business and will sustain the next wave of growth.

  • 90% of SAP Managers view SAP SuccessFactors as a holistic HR workforce management solution.

  • SAP has experienced a 33% reduction in administrative tasks due to standardised HR practices.

  • More importantly, there has been a 15% increase in HR customer satisfaction

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