Free Whitepaper: HR Compliance Guide

Free Whitepaper: HR Compliance Guide

Leaders often overlook the role HR plays in keeping a business on the right side of employment law. HR compliance, though often neglected, is an integral part of an employer’s responsibilities. 

Formulating an effective HR compliance plan saves costs down the line and helps businesses avoid the risk of adverse publicity and costly litigation. 

Download this essential guide from Employment Hero to learn the key areas New Zealand businesses need to be across to grow with confidence and make sure they comply with necessary HR law. 

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  • Complying with the minimum rights of employees
  • The mandatory checklist for individual employment agreements
  • Effectively communicating workplace policies 
  • Definitional differences between employees and independent contractors
  • Step-by-step guide for informal management of performance issues 
  • Employer health and safety duties in the workplace 

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