Unveiling the power of purpose

HR expert Dean Carter shares insights with HRD Talk

Unveiling the power of purpose

Do you want to attract, retain, and nurture talent while fostering a culture of purpose and sustainability within organisations?

In a podcast published by HRD Talk, Dean Carter, chief people and purpose officer at Guild, shares insights on the role HR plays in driving corporate purpose and sustainability within their organisations and how that affects attraction, retention, and engagement.   

Carter believes the concept of HR driving purpose isn’t a new one, but since COVID it has gained significant traction. He told HRD that it is now critical for HR to connect with employees on a deeper level by aligning their work with meaningful purpose.

Listen to the full podcast here: Connecting people with purpose – HRs role in setting a culture of meaning

Carter highlights that an increasing number of jobseekers, particularly millennials, are choosing employees based on their alignment with personal values, making a company’s purpose a crucial factor in attracting and retaining talent.

In terms of sustainability, Carter challenged organisations to think long-term, making decisions today as if they plan to be around for 100-years. He also applies this theory to employee relationships – posing the question, “how would you treat your employees if you knew they were going to be employed for their entire careers?”

Proactive reskilling and upskilling also aids job sustainability – especially with the rise of AI and automation. Carter says it’s imperative to equip employees with the necessary capabilities before it’s too late.

Listen to this podcast now and gain insight into:

  • The pivotal role HR plays shaping purpose and sustainability
  • Aligning corporate values with individual aspirations
  • Nurturing a culture of purpose
  • Planning for long-term sustainability

Listen to the full podcast here: Connecting people with purpose – HRs role in setting a culture of meaning

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