Unlocking the secrets to HR success – wisdom from an Olympic skier

HRDTV's Thought Leader series featuring Vince Poscente

Unlocking the secrets to HR success – wisdom from an Olympic skier

From the global pandemic to the great resignation and an acute talent shortage, navigating the landscape of talent management has never been more complex for organisations.

In an interview with HRD TV, Vince Poscente — renowned Olympian skier, keynote speaker, and author celebrated for his expertise in accelerating extraordinary goals, resilience, and overcoming obstacles — shares insights that address the contemporary challenges of talent attraction and retention in today's business landscape.

Poscente provides HR leaders with insights into aligning intentions, embracing uncertainty, fostering innovation in talent management, and instilling confidence within the workplace.

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Highlighting the significance of aligning both conscious and subconscious elements, Poscente introduces the concept of "emotional buzz" to enhance leadership effectiveness and collaboration.

“How do we foster alignment between the mind and the decision-making process?” he says. “It's about ensuring everyone is on the same page, moving in the same direction.”

Welcoming uncertainty

Despite the inherent uncertainties associated3 with risk and safety, Poscente urges leaders to welcome uncertainty in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

“It behooves each of our employees to embrace that kind of growth of risk tolerance,” he said, but warned that it is a gradual process, “much like building health over time.”

Delving into the idea of “doing what the competition isn't willing to do,” Poscente advocates for adopting a peak performance mentality rather than settling for basic behavioural changes.

“The mindset of excellence, engaging at the highest possible level, makes all the difference. It's about discovering that emotional buzz aligning the individual with the collective goal,” he explains.

Addressing the interplay between confidence and experience, Poscente acknowledges the challenge of gaining experience in a fast-paced environment. “It's about possessing the skills and confidence when they are needed, creating a transformative impact on workplace dynamics. Competence on demand changes everything,” he said.

To watch the full interview on HRDTV, click here.

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