Navigating the future of work: Insights from Dr Mansoor Soomro on HR practices in the age of AI

Thought Leader series on HRD TV explores strategies for human-centric approaches, inclusivity, and technology integration

Navigating the future of work: Insights from Dr Mansoor Soomro on HR practices in the age of AI

While no one can predict the future with absolute certainty, it’s clear that the world of work is evolving at a great rate of knots, and with it changes the way we perceive, and complete work tasks.

In an interview with HRDTVs Chris Davis, Dr. Mansoor Soomro, enterprise and innovation lead at the Future of Work Research Unit at Teesside University, shares valuable insights into HR practices, focusing on the challenges and opportunities presented by recent advancements in AI and HR technology.

By adopting a human-centric approach, embracing technological advancements, and fostering inclusivity, organisations can not only adapt but thrive in the ever-changing landscape of the future of work.

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“Human-centric approach in HR is about recognising that employees are not just resources, but they are the core drivers of organisation success,” said Soomro, imploring leaders to focus on employees well-being and personal development and ensure they are fostering a diverse and inclusive environment within their workplace.

Addressing the influence of rapid technological advancements, particularly in AI and generative tools, he said, “How do we embrace AI as a tool? How do we understand the capabilities and limitations of different AI generative tools? It requires a balance between harnessing the potential of AI and maintaining the human elements.”

There’s a plethora of data backing the idea that a diverse team is a strong team and Soomra believes the future of work will celebrate this idea.

“Diversity in recruitment and hiring helps big time. Finding small examples of diversity in organisations and creating a celebration out of it helps big time,” he said.

Watch the full interview and gain insights on:

  • Adopting a human-centric approach in HR
  • Leading in the age of AI
  • Building inclusivity in multi-cultural teams
  • Preparing for the future of work
  • Technology integration and employee wellbeing
  • Strategic leadership in the age of technology

To watch the full interview on HRDTV, click here

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