Navigating the future of employee appreciation

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Navigating the future of employee appreciation

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GroupGreeting is a digital card platform designed to simplify the process of sending appreciation messages with multiple signers. The software, utilised by over 10,000 businesses worldwide, facilitates the creation of virtual greeting cards with unlimited signatures, making it an ideal tool for expressing gratitude to remote coworkers or friends across different locations.

The GroupGreeting card functions as a modern alternative to traditional signed greeting cards, allowing users to include an unlimited number of photos and messages from various contributors. This personalised approach aims to prevent employee burnout by fostering a culture of appreciation. The software has successfully delivered over 50 million messages of appreciation in nearly 200 countries.

To purchase a GroupGreeting card, users need to register on the platform and follow a simple process. They can create a customised card cover, buy the card, invite other signers by sharing a unique link, and allow contributors to sign digitally without requiring registration. The system automatically emails the completed card to the recipient on the specified date, with the option to download a PDF version for printing.

To read the full review of GroupGreeting’s HR software click here.

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