Employers warned of retention, compliance challenges without automation

What are other consequences of not having HR processes automated?

Employers warned of retention, compliance challenges without automation

Employers have been warned of potentially losing key talent if they don't automate their processes in the wake of developing employee demands at work.

A recent paper from Humanforce warned that employees now have a growing desire to personalise their career trajectory, pick and choose their learning activities, input their preferred work times, and update their personal details.

"All of that's only possible with technology," the paper said, as it noted that employees don't always want HR to be involved in these measures.

There is also a growing expectation that workplace tech will mirror consumer tech.

"That means clunky, paper-based clocking processes, for example, won't cut it," the paper read. "Workers will simply move onto another employer."

Struggling to recruit and retain talent is only one of the few consequences awaiting organisations if they don't ride the wave of automation, according to the paper.

It could also leave HR teams overburdened, result to inefficient workflows and processes, as well as deteriorate employee and customer experience.

Compliance risks without automation

Organisations are also facing compliance risks without automation, the paper warned.

"Compliance has become the hottest word in workforce management," it read. "A combination of factors, including a highly complex industrial landscape, ongoing scrutiny from regulators, and costly cases of employee underpayments have all conspired to bump compliance up the priority list of HR professionals and executive leadership teams."

Automation can help employers remain compliant with various industry rules and regulations, according to the paper.

"Poor record-keeping, incorrect time and attendance inputs from workers, missing deadlines, and miscalculating pay can all result in costly compliance breaches and brand damage," the paper read.

Find out more about the risks of not getting automated, as well as the benefits of getting automated, in this white paper from Humanforce. Grab your free copy here.

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