Are you using your recruitment software to its fullest potential?

Use your recruitment tools to the fullest, advises manager

Are you using your recruitment software to its fullest potential?

With 1200+ staff in 70+ clinics across the country, Radiology Holding Company NZ (RHCNZ) is the largest employer of radiologists in Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Operators of Pacific Radiology, Bay Radiology, and Auckland Radiology, the company has 40 to 45 roles in active recruitment stages across the country on any given week.

It’s a big job, but one that, Georgia Dry, talent acquisition manager at RHCNZ, said is made easier by ensuring you are using the functionality of your organisation’s recruitment software to its full potential.

“It saves so much time,” she told HRD.

It may sound like a simple idea, but upon researching use of the program, Dry found that her team was not using it to its full potential. She says this may be more common that you might think.

Dry found that, if her team were using all the functions of the program, it could provide metrics that were valuable to the whole organisation. Best of all, it would save time in the recruitment process and provide a better experience for candidates.

“It actually goes better from a business perspective. It’s not just ‘recruit and replace’. The software gives you the bigger picture,” said Dry explaining that you can deep-dive into the data and decide whether an available role could be part-time, virtual, or potentially not needed at all.

Martin Herbst, CEO of JobAdder said that the more customers dig into the capabilities of contemporary recruiting tools, the more they get out of them.

“This is something that our product and customer service teams have been evangelising for years,” he says. The company has been analysing the data of 2,400 of its accounts in Aotearoa, New Zealand, and Australia, he says. “When JobAdder looked at the percentage usage of core features amongst agency users, it found that the average number of features those individual users in each account utilised had a strong correlation with high performance.”

The data also shows that when JobAdder's agency users are making the most of the functionality and features within JobAdder, their seats, jobs, placement ratio and time to place are all improving.

"A rising tide lifts all boats,” says Herbst. “If you extrapolate our findings further, you could say that the more value an agency gets out of JobAdder, the more value it can create for itself as a business.”

Dry sees the same advantage in fully exploiting the capabilities of recruitment tools.

“Healthy adoption and full usage of the technology is the pathway to recruitment success,” says Dry.

She adds that full adoption wasn’t initially met with enthusiasm when tabled with her team, says that educating them on the capabilities was enough to get them over the line.

“Automated comms that get sent out to the candidate through the whole process, which is awesome for what the markets are doing at the moment; reports that used to take hours of manpower can now be extrapolated with the click of a button, we’ve now got a talent pipeline of people we never knew we had – they totally understood why we were really working with the system.”

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