Nurse censured, barred from leadership for professional misconduct: report

Tribunal found nurse guilty of sexually harassing three female colleagues

Nurse censured, barred from leadership for professional misconduct: report

A nurse in New Zealand has been censured and banned from taking any leadership positions for a year after he was found guilty of professional misconduct, according to reports.

The Health Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal ruled that the nurse was guilty of professional misconduct for the sexual harassment of a caregiver in 2017 and two female students in 2022, The New Zealand Herald reported.

The nurse, who is under interim name suppression, was also ordered to pay $5,734, which is 20% of the tribunal's total costs.

Accusations against the nurse

According to the Herald report, the nurse was accused in 2017 of telling a young caregiver that he wanted to have a blonde-haired, blue-eyed baby with her and see her in a bikini at work.

e also reportedly made inappropriate comments towards the caregiver's figure, her clothing, and her relationship status while in the presence of residents and other staff.

The caregiver eventually complained to their chief executive about the nurse's behaviour, who was made the employee stop and apologise to his colleague.

His behaviour, however, returned to the spotlight in March 2022 after he allegedly made inappropriate remarks in the presence of two student nurses when they began at the rest home where he was employed, according to the Herald report.

He told one of the students, who said something about money, that what she said sounded like a "line from a porno."

He also allegedly told the other student in the following days if he could take a photo of her face so he can use it as a reference for a sex robot. He also reportedly invaded her personal space by sitting so close to her.

On Facebook, the nurse also commented on one of the students' profile pictures, saying: "You should marry my son and don’t get knocked up young."

When he was called out by colleagues over his behaviour, the nurse responded saying: "What, I've always wanted a blue-eyed daughter, like I'm not being weird, I'm just treating her like she's my daughter."

Suspension sought for inappropriate behaviour

The Nursing Council professional conduct committee said the students' work at the rest home ended prematurely after they complained, the Herald reported.

The committee said this could have been avoided, especially during a critical phase on their studies.

It sought a six-month suspension for the nurse, saying that his remarks were unprofessional, persistent, and caused discomfort to his victims.

The nurse, through his lawyer, admitted the charges. However, he defended that he wasn't aware of the inappropriateness of his behaviour.

According to the nurse, he grew up with a role model who also made similar comments and did not realise they were unacceptable until he went to counselling.

He said that now has "deep, deep remorse" over his behaviour, while his counsel said he had paid "emotionally and financially" for the offending.

The tribunal rejected the suspension request from the committee, but it censured the nurse and prohibited him from taking leadership roles for one year.

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