Migrant subcontractors protest outside Anson offices

Workers claim they're owed $100,000 in unpaid wages; new director says he's trying to negotiate

Migrant subcontractors protest outside Anson offices

In a stark reminder of the importance of transparent communication, fair labour practices, and the need for HR leaders to address wage disputes promptly, a challenging situation involving a construction company and a group of subcontractors has emerged on Auckland’s North Shore.

Since January 15, subcontractors who arrived in New Zealand on skilled migrant visas have been camping out outside a North Shore office of Anson Construction, according to a story reported by Stuff.

They have posted a sign directed the company, claiming “Wages owed will not be paid.

“No answer when calling, no reply when sending emails demanding more than $100,000 in unpaid wages, prompting a unique protest outside the company's office.”

They claim they worked for the company but were not paid properly for two months, according to Stuff.

Victor Lee, who is not a shareholder, became the sole director of the company last November, and said he is taking legal advice and trying to “negotiate with the shareholders. At this moment, a lot of things are quite messy”.

Lee called the situation a “little tricky”, and said he wanted more evidence from the sub-contractors about their contracts, according to Stuff.

“As you know, the money is not very small, so I have to make sure everything is correct and how much the shareholder has to pay”.

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