How much is employee disengagement costing your business?

Here's how to turn that disconnect into a collaborative culture

How much is employee disengagement costing your business?

In a remote world, how much does disengagement cost your business? A free whitepaper published by HRD in partnership with Humanforce explains the cost of not addressing the root cause of disengagement and gives tips on how to assess disengagement in your deskless workforce and how you can turn it around.

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It costs money, time, and resources to get the right people into your organisations so losing employees because they’re disengaged is the ultimate waste for a business, but a recent survey conducted by Gallup found that only 20% of New Zealand and Australia’s workforce was engaged.

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According to Gallup, there is three categories of worker

  • Engaged – highly involved in and enthusiastic about the workplace
  • Actively disengaged – miserable work experiences and spreaders of unhappiness
  • In between – do their job but don’t go above and beyond and have less enthusiasm about fulfilling their duties.

Factors that motivate and engage employees have changed. In the past employees were motivated by things like their paycheck, job satisfaction, or their annual review but future employees are more motivated by purpose, development and coaching and an emphasis on their life. 

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Many of these things – like a sense of purpose – can’t be bundled into a perks and benefits package; they must be communicated and regularly reinforced by an engaging manager that can focus on performance management essentials, understanding an employee’s aspirations and feelings about work and ensuring the communication channels are always open.

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  • How and why disengagement can damage your business
  • Ways to assess the impact of disengaged employees on your business
  • How to turn a disengaged worker around by focusing on five key areas
  • The role of technology in a deskless workplace

Download the full free whitepaper here: Employee disengagement

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