DEI: are you talking the talk, or walking the walk?

Are you creating real and meaningful change from your DEI initiatives?

DEI: are you talking the talk, or walking the walk?

It’s not enough to talk the talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), but are you creating really meaningful change with your initiatives and policies? A special report published by HRD in partnership with Culture Amp assesses the effectiveness of global DEI initiatives.

Download the full special report here: How effective are global DEI initiatives?

“Building a strategic plan and hiring for DEI roles are really effective ways to drive change,” said Audrey Blanche, global head of equitable design and impact at Culture Amp, “but we haven’t seen the majority of companies truly commit to creating that change yet.”

Culture Amp’s 2022 Workplace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Report found that companies saw a significant increase in DEI-related questions; however, when it came to actual DEI initiatives, there was a burgeoning gap between intentions and results.

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“We put this research together to help organisations that might be well-intentioned but just aren’t investing correctly. We want to help them deploy those resources to maximise the quality of the employee experience,” Blanche said.

The report showed that companies with dedicated DEI roles were 17% more successful in building diverse teams than those without, and those that assessed the effectiveness of their DEI initiatives also scored more favourably.

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“The report showed us what actually works to drive change, and it’s exciting to see that increased resources do actually lead to improvements in diversity, equity and inclusion,” Blanche said. “There are three things that are the most predictive of successfully building a more diverse organisation, and the first is undoubtedly having a DEI policy. Then there’s having a strategic plan in place to implement it, and the third is collecting data on those initiatives. So essentially, those are the exact same things you would need to do for literally any other business priority.”

Download the full special report here: How effective are global DEI initiatives?

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