Top law firm becomes “breastfeeding friendly”

The company is the first of its kind in New Zealand to gain such recognition.

Top law firm becomes “breastfeeding friendly”

Advocates are praising one of New Zealand’s top law firms this week after the company was recognised for its breastfeeding-friendly workplace.

“Anderson Lloyd is committed to providing support for staff planning to combine breastfeeding with their working lives,” said a spokesperson for the Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service.

Not only does the firm have an overarching breastfeeding policy but it also provides resources for staff information, comfortable and private rooms for women to breastfeed or express breast milk, and a fridge for breast milk storage at each of its offices.

The company – which has four offices across the country – is thought to be the first law firm in New Zealand to be formally recognised for its breastfeeding-friendly environment.

With World Breast Feeding Week currently underway, the Canterbury Breastfeeding Advocacy Service also called on other employers to follow in the footsteps of Anderson Lloyd.

“Breastfeeding-supportive businesses are more likely to retain their valuable and experienced staff, and enabling working women to breastfeed is a win-win situation that builds loyal employees, as well as supporting infant and mother health and wellbeing,” the group said in a statement.

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