Six ways to attract talent in the Great Resignation

The talent squeeze has jobseekers examining workplace culture closer than ever before

Six ways to attract talent in the Great Resignation

The talent squeeze has enabled jobseekers to examine workplace culture more closely when choosing an employer, leading companies to reimagine their culture to stay on top of employee demands. In an article written by Coann Labatoria, HRD outlines the hottest workplace culture trends in 2022 and why it’s important to keep up with them.

Focusing on creating a healthy workplace culture brings many benefits like having a more engaged and satisfied workforce which leads to better productivity, and more importantly, in this tight labour market will attract highly skilled job applicants.

Workplace culture trends for 2022

  1. Increase in remote and hybrid work arrangements

While Covid forced working-from-home arrangements, the benefits have not been lost on employees and job seekers are increasingly searching for companies that are open to remote and flexi-work arrangements.

  1. Demand for more employee recognition and transparency

Recent research shows that 54% of employees who quit their jobs felt their employers didn’t value them. It’s important to make sure your leaders are recognising the work done by employees and giving recognition for it.

  1. Transparency and open communication in the workplace

Create a supportive environment so that clear and open communication can happen between employees and the company, so employees feel safe to voice their opinions and ideas.

  1. Employee growth and development opportunities

Create a healthy culture through investment in growth and development. Provide educational resources and time for upskilling and reskilling. 

  1. Improvement on digital tools

Technology evolves faster than ever before. Keeping on top of technology trends in your industry attracts new talent, especially tech-savvy Gen Z’s.

  1. Growth of a diverse and inclusive workforce

Cultivating an inclusive workforce makes employees feel safe and comfortable to be themselves.

Good workplace culture plays a significant role in the success of a company. HR leaders should be mindful that what works for one company may not be efficient for another and each company’s culture should be unique to what works for their employees.

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