2018 Global Culture Report by O.C. Tanner

2018 Global Culture Report by O.C. Tanner

2018 marks a significant shift in people strategy. Leaders are now focussing on creating workplace cultures that can withstand the uncertainty of changing business models, an increasingly diverse workforce, a flood of new technology, and the resulting disconnectedness. Great workplace cultures provide a crucial advantage for organisations by attracting talent, spurring innovation, building great leaders, and setting a pattern for ongoing success.

Discover what over 15,000 employees and leaders across six continents are saying about the current and future state of workplace culture, and the insights and actions required to create meaningful employee experiences that connect people to purpose, accomplishment, and each other.

The 2018 Global Culture Report looks at:

  • Why it is critical that organisations take a holistic approach to the employee experience
  • The importance of the six Talent Magnets in helping organisations and employees thrive
  • Why a growing sense of disconnection has little to do with physical isolation

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