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Could Colin Craig’s case undermine the ERA?

Aggrieved employees may start eschewing the ERA if the Human Rights Review Tribunal continues to hand out high awards, warns one top law firm.

Courts leaning towards higher awards, warns top lawyer

Courts are beginning to reassess compensation levels after almost 20 years of stagnation, says one leading employment expert.

Health and Safety Reform Bill: Changes from the exposure draft

There have been a number of refinements made to the Health and Safety Reform Bill from the exposure draft released last year – HRM highlights the changes made.

Maximum penalties for safety breaches set to increase

Employers could face hefty fines and even imprisonment for breaching the new safety laws. HRM investigates what the Health and Safety Reform Bill could mean for New Zealand employers.

Employee’s carelessness doesn’t exonerate employer

A High Court ruling is serving as a reminder to employers that an accident resulting from a worker’s foolish actions won’t exonerate them.