Innovative HR Teams 2020

PwC, through its Career Forum platform, has provided senior leaders with an environment where they can talk about their career aspirations and connect with a diverse range of partners who could provide them insight, experiences, and guidance to innovate and build solutions together around their growth and potential. The Career Forum structure was designed to bring individual leaders’ own drivers, wants, needs, and expectations to life by anchoring them to the firm’s purpose, strategy, and values. 

“This ‘honing in’ on what the leader needs to progress has paid dividends in the sense of heightened motivation, engagement, clarity of future and has led to strengthened relationships across the business,” said Karen Meredith, Head of Business Partnering for People and Culture. “Feedback from people who have participated in the forum have commented how they feel a deeper connection to the firm, have allowed for consolidation of thinking, and found the forum useful and rewarding.”