Alan Davis, Massey University

Hot List 2020

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (People and Culture)
Massey University

Alan Davis is a mentor to many. With his caring, empathetic and values-based leadership style, he inspires members of his People and Culture team to continually strive to make a difference in the lives of those whom they support. As an industry leader, Davis specialises in HR strategy development, mediation, employment investigation, and executive coaching. He also fosters a culture of innovation. In the past five years that Massey University has been upgrading its suite of HR tools, Davis has been the main force driving the university’s digital transformation initiatives and sustaining its momentum. Apart from his focus on technology, he also puts an emphasis on wellbeing in the workplace and encourages his staff to cultivate their personal and team values. As a mentor, he provides weekly enhancements to members of the People and Culture team. His commitment to growth and development has left a positive effect on the people he works with.