Employer of Choice 2019


  • Clorox
  • Contact
  • HIND Management & Sudima Hotels
  • KPMG

The significance of a company’s remuneration scheme in maintaining employee satisfaction cannot be overstated.

As may be expected, the companies that went out of their way to offer salaries above minimum wage, such as HIND Management & Sudima Hotels, scored well in this category. The same can be said for companies that awarded pay increases and other incentives to employees who exhibited exemplary work performance, like Clorox and Contact. Companies that prioritised transparency in their remuneration scheme, such as KPMG, also stood out as achievers in this area.

Companies can benefit from regularly canvassing feedback from employees regarding whether they feel like the pay they receive is commensurate to the effort they exert. The current cost of living must also be taken into account. Companies would likewise do well to investigate whether there is a gender pay gap or any other inequity in terms of remuneration, and if found to exist, take steps to remedy them.