Employer of Choice: 100-499 Employees

Employer of Choice 2019

Gold: HIND Management & Sudima Hotels

HIND Management & Sudima Hotels won gold in the 100-499 employees category, standing out in the areas of training and professional development and diversity and inclusion.

It offers employees valuable opportunities for training and education through its internal Sudima University through which employees can work towards a certificate or even a diploma. The company also has a partnership with Service IQ to achieve New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) qualifications.

The company has initiated a number of programs fostering inclusivity and acceptance toward disadvantaged groups in society. These include sign language training sessions and scholarships and employment opportunities for Māori youth. It also promotes environmental health through a company-wide annual clean-up day involving staff and their families.

Silver: AJ Hackett Bungy NZ

AJ Hackett Bungy NZ won the silver prize for the 100-499 employees category, garnering high marks in the fields of diversity and inclusion, communication, and work-life balance.

To ensure that its workplace is diverse and inclusive, the company goes out of its way to extend opportunities to disadvantaged sectors of the population, including the disabled, the blind, the deaf, and those on the autism spectrum.

To ensure that its channels of communication remain transparent, free-flowing, and collaborative, it devotes efforts to facilitating and improving both internal and external avenues of communication. This goal is accomplished through regular meetings and briefings, a receptive attitude toward workers’ concerns and suggestions, and an extremely active social media presence.

To ensure that workers have a healthy work-life balance, it encourages flexible working hours, reduced rosters, and active participation in extra-curricular activities, among other strategies.

Bronze: Constellation Brands New Zealand

Constellation Brands New Zealand won bronze in the 100-499 employees category, standing out in areas including career progression, health and wellbeing, and reward and recognition.

To improve employee retention and to combat the issue of unclear career paths, it is employing a phased approach in order to establish an effective career development framework.

In the area of health and wellbeing, the company, through its Wellness Committee, conducts medical and dental check-ups, extends subsidised life and health insurance, offers wellness subsidies, organises first-aid training, and promotes cancer awareness.

Its reward and recognition initiatives include the Golden Grape Awards, which is based on peer nominations.