Thinking about quitting your job? It must be a Monday

Research from the UK reveals that workers are most likely to be considering leaving their job at 1.42pm on a Monday, but they’ll be feeling better about work by Friday afternoon.

Thinking about quitting your job? It must be a Monday
Do you feel your most frustrated with work on a Monday? You’re not alone.

The Telegraph has reported that research from Citizens Advice shows that Monday lunchtime – 1.42pm, to be precise – is the time that workers are the most fed up with their jobs and likely to be thinking about leaving.

However, they start to feel better as the week progresses and the weekend draws closer, with 6.08pm on a Friday being deemed the magic moment when employees are at their happiest – as they are heading home from work.

The happiness lasts through Saturday but declines again on Sunday evening when people start thinking about returning to work the next day.

Citizens Advice came up with the statistics by analysing when people were most likely to consult the charity about their workplace rights.

During lunchtime on Mondays, the charity reported thousands of people logging on for advice about employee rights and standing up to their boss.

Gillian Guy, the chief executive of Citizens Advice, told the Telegraph that people don’t like Mondays.
“Employment woes are at their worst and job stresses kick in after a few days away from the workplace. Anxieties start building on the eve of returning to work and reach fever pitch by lunchtime on the following day, with more people looking for guidance then than at any other time.”
When do you feel most frustrated with work? 

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