The lighter side: Discipline social media style

One boss has taken a new approach when it comes to doling out discipline by naming and shaming his wayward employers in 140-characters of disgrace.

The lighter side: Discipline social media style
HR are often handed the job or disciplining or firing employees, but imagine after you give someone the sack your boss then sends out a tweet outlining exactly why they were fired. That’s exactly what one American boss has started doing by naming and shaming his employees who step out of line.

When Dallas Police Chief, David O’Brown fires or disciplines officers and employees under his command, he tweets out their name and what they did wrong.
Here’s a selection of O’Brown’s tweets from last year:
According to website,the Chief has fired or disciplined 27 staff in the last year. As well as announcing it on Twitter he also posts it to Facebook, including additional details for the disciplinary action. He also makes a point of noting the employees have the right to appeal.

Lt. Max Geron, who handles media relations at the Dallas Police Department told the post were not an official policy of the department but a “push for transparency”.

“[It comes from] a desire to be more transparent and to get our message out to the greater community,” he told


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