Otago job ad slams “s**t-stirring whingers”

The pest control company is being brutally honest about what it expects from its potential employees.

Otago job ad slams “s**t-stirring whingers”

An Otago employer looking to hire pest destruction operators is gaining both praise and criticism after posting a brutally honest job ad which slams “s**t stirring whingers”.

Duane Trafford is the boss of Mosgiel-based pest control company, Predator Contracting – like many employers, he says he’s sick of recruits who don’t have the right mind-set or skills for the job.

However, unlike the majority of HR professionals, Trafford has publicly vented his frustration in a recent Trade Me post.

“I am looking for possumers...not pig hunters...not people that tried hunting once...and thought they liked it...and thought they were having a midlife crisis…and decided they needed to get out of the office.....but Possumers......!!!” he writes in the online job ad.

So far, so clear but Trafford – who currently employs around 15 people – is also looking for someone with a certain type of attitude.

“Now by Possumers..I mean people that can work as part of a team....Come back to accommodation at night and NOT WHINGE!!!! Can start the day with a positive attitude and not WHINGE!!! Can talk to other members of their team with respect and not WHINGE!!!! I don't want shit stirring whingers!!!” he stresses.

“They need to be able to get off their arses and walk down into the gullies and push through the tuff shit.....without crying about it!!

“They need to understand that the job doesn’t mean you get to drive around on QUADS all day and shoot shit....you actually have to walk....and the walking involves HILLS!

“They need to understand that there’s NO internet...no cell coverage...no breaks....and most of all NO WHINGING!!!!!

Potential recruits will also have a clean license for the past seven years, be able to pass random drug and alcohol testing, have relevant possum catching experience, and – unsurprisingly – “the ability NOT to whinge about everything”.

So, with recruits expected to meet such specific demands, what can they expect in return?

“A BLOODY JOB!” says Trafford. “And the chance to do something other than sit on your arse.”

However, outside of the brutally honesty job ad, Trafford says the job can be a highly rewarding for the right type of person.

"We see a different part of our beautiful country every single day, we see mother nature at its worst...and at its best...and we are doing our bit for conservation and pest eradication...its the dream job of many people," he told HRM.

"My ad has definitely ruffled some feathers [...] but on the same side I have also had some great applicants and lots of positive emails from other employers who have been in the same boat...and are in the same boat...offering support," he added.

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