How to connect your team to the bigger picture

To create a strong, dynamic and productive team culture, you need to connect your employees to something bigger than themselves.

How to connect your team to the bigger picture
A surefire strategy for creating a strong team dynamic is to help your employees see the bigger picture, by ensuring they feel “connected to something larger than themselves”, according to an international HR expert.
Achieving a strong, cohesive team dynamic is essential for productivity and morale – but it requires a personalised, relationships-based approach to ensure your team is working as it should, said Lawrence Polsky, managing partner, PeopleNRG.
“Most of the problems on teams are human: conflict, stress, burn out, success, failure, striving, collaborating,” he said.
“These are all human problems that require real relationships [to manage].”
Helping your employees to develop “pride in the team” is one strategy successful leaders use to ensure their people “feel connected to something larger than themselves”, he said.
“They feel positive about what they are working on together and about each other,” Polsky said.
“Teams cultivate this by taking time to reflect and define their purpose: how do they contribute to the organisation? What is their unique value? Why can't the organisation live without them? They may even create a rally cry, a short statement to focus on when things get tough.”
Just because a group is labelled a team, that doesn't mean they are operating as one, he added.
“They must respect each other, talk straight, and move towards a common purpose. Then, maybe, if they are lucky, they will become a team.”
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