How online training can lighten your workload

Compliance training can be a dull and drawn-out affair but shifting it online can save costs and cut leaders’ workloads too.

How online training can lighten your workload

As an HR professional you have a huge amount on your plate. If you do not have a separate Learning and Development (L&D) department, the training obligation rests with you and your team. Even if you do have an L&D department, there is still a lot to get done.

Training requirements fall into three main categories. Skills development - ensuring your organisation has the skills it needs in the areas required; Behavioural change programs - to shift thinking and behaviours in line with your corporate goals; Awareness - making sure everyone is aware of their compliance requirements.

This is something that has traditionally taken up a lot of time, and effort. However, with the advent of online training, this third tier of your L&D requirement can practically take care of itself.

Four simple reasons why online compliance training works:

  1. Keeping track of it is simple – You don’t need to worry about storing sign-in sheets or people remembering to actually sign in. The system takes care of it all for you. You know who’s completed their training and what scores they have achieved. They can even get their own certificate.
  1. You can do the training anywhere – Sounds obvious as it is online, but you really can do it anywhere – in the office, in a café, at the airport lounge. As long as the trainee is connected to the internet, training can be completed anytime that suits them.
  1. It takes care of itself – If you’ve ever had to run a company-wide training programme, you know how hard it can be to get everyone trained. Scheduling the training, sending out invites and then actually getting everyone to the training can be difficult and time consuming. Sickness or the need to attend an important meeting can all lead to a drop-off in attendance. Online compliance training platforms can automatically schedule training, send reminders and be revisited at any time, which keeps your compliance program running with minimal involvement from you. That’s one administrative headache gone right there.                                                                                                       
  2. It doesn’t have to be expensive – If you run it online, you don’t need to pay for rooms, lunches, outside trainers or your internal staff spending time creating and then delivering courses, let alone the time involved in getting people to attend. Online training starts from as little as $50 per person and can even be far less for organisations training more staff.


If you’d like to find out more about Safetrac then visit our website or read this article “Seven things you need to know about Compliance training.”


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