Frontline workers given free internet from Slingshot

The deal will not bind those sign up in a fixed-term contract

Frontline workers given free internet from Slingshot

More frontline workers in New Zealand are now eligible for Slingshot's promo of free internet for six months, according to a report.

The New Zealand Herald reported that Slingshot is now including supermarket workers, delivery drivers, bus drivers, as well as food bank and managed isolation and quarantine staff in its limited edition offer. The promo was initially offered to the first 50,000 frontline workers who would sign up for the deal. They included the police, nurses, teachers, and midwives.

"You never run out of energy for us, so we've got your back with unlimited fibre and fast speeds on our 100/20Mbps Unlimited Fibre plan. Or, if you have a need for next level speed, upgrade to our Gigantic plan for just $10/month for the first six months," according to the internet provider's website.

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It will also not bind those who sign up with fixed contract, meaning they can leave if they want to after the six-month deal expires.

"When we say 'no contract, no hooks' we genuinely mean it. You won't be locked into a fixed-term contract, and there's nothing special you need to do to take advantage of the offer - other than being an eligible frontline or essential worker," Slingshot chief Taryn Hamilton told the New Zealand Herald.

According to Hamilton, there was a surge of signups following their announcement in August. The expansion came after hearing recommendations from the public on who else should be included in the limited time deal. Those who would sign up with existing modems could reuse them to reduce e-waste and reduce waiting time.

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