Employees in New Zealand keen to work from home more: survey

But employers not encouraging employees to work remotely

Employees in New Zealand keen to work from home more: survey

Half of employees in New Zealand who can do their work remotely said they would like to work from home more frequently, despite their employers discouraging such arrangements.

A survey from InternetNZ found that 61% of New Zealanders have a job that allows them to work from home, with 52% saying they would like to work remotely more than they currently do.

However, employers' mandates for work in the office a certain amount of time or on particular days are a barrier to this desire, according to 46% of the respondents. Other barriers to this goal include:

  • Needing to be at work for face-to-face meetings (20%)
  • Their employer doesn't encourage working from home (20%)

"The Internet was the key to many businesses being able to operate during the pandemic through remote working. Unsurprisingly, many people who adjusted to working from home are reluctant to change back," said InternetNZ CEO Vivien Maidaborn in a statement.

"From an employment point of view, we're just beginning to figure out how to design communications, health and safety, and productivity to make the most of what the internet offers."

The findings further underscore Kiwis' strong desire for flexibility, after a recent Randstad report found that flexible work is a non-negotiable for more than half of employees.

Offers for remote work remain above pre-pandemic levels in New Zealand, according to SEEK NZ analysis of job ads in December 2023. 

WFH leads to relocation

InternetNZ's findings also revealed that half of New Zealanders whose jobs allow work from home would consider moving somewhere if they could relocate their current job. Their main reasons include:

  • Better lifestyle (51%)
  • More affordable housing (50%)
  • More affordable lifestyle (49%)
  • Opportunity for change (36%)
  • Be closer to the beach/countryside/outdoors (32%)
  • New adventures/friends/experiences (26%)

The findings were sourced from InternetNZ's latest Internet Insights 2023, which surveyed 1,001 New Zealanders aged 18 and above.

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