Coffee, treats and over-the-top resumes – would these work on you?

HR managers report receiving everything from bribes, cards and invitations to coffee from hopeful applicants – does it ever help them land the job?

Coffee, treats and over-the-top resumes – would these work on you?
It can take a lot for an applicant to get noticed these days when many job advertisements attract 200 or more resumes, and it seems some are going out of their way to get HR’s attention.

OfficeTeam has collected some of the more “impressive” actions taken by job seekers. Some have a ring of desperation, while others just seem like common sense.  Either way, these are some very determined individuals.

"An applicant walked in with coffee and doughnuts, and her resume underneath."

"I've had someone outline what he planned to do for the company in his first six months."

"One job seeker sent a handmade get well card when she heard the hiring manager was under the weather."

"I've had people offer to work for free."

"I recall someone who travelled a great distance just to be interviewed."

“One applicant sent a gift and an invitation to coffee."

"We had a candidate who contacted our board of directors to try to make his case for being hired."

While the last might sound a little stalker-ish, some workers took a more “show-don’t-tell” approach with examples such as the potential car detailer who brought in his own vehicle as an example of his skills.

But when it came down to it, most HR pros praised company knowledge, fast responses and an ability to connect their skills to what the role required.

What impresses you most? Have you seen any exceptional examples of a job seeker standing out?

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