Total Oil New Zealand

Total Oil New Zealand prides itself on having a clear strategy, one that involves all our partners: to be the best supplier of the best quality product, the best technical support and to be the best employer. Repetitive? We are okay with that.

Striving to be the best means clear direction, building solid partnerships, and hiring people who are behind the vision 100%.

Our staff are our number one asset and as such we look after our team. We believe that happy, well-trained staff that share our vision and goals is the only way to ensure a great customer experience.  As such, we go the extra mile for our staff - providing health and income protection, mental health services, paid volunteer leave, and a detailed wellness programme to keep us at the top of our game.

Our five pillars are very important to us, we live and breathe them and every one of us ensures they are put into practice every single day.

  • Think Smarter
  • Good People
  • Problem Solvers
  • Technically Driven
  • Connected

At Total Oil New Zealand we do not compromise on cultural fit – our people don’t just fit our culture, they further it.

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Total Oil New Zealand