You're havin' a laugh, aren't you?

A humorous HR manager needn't come across like David Brent.

You're havin' a laugh, aren't you?

Fans of the American or British sitcom The Office will know that comedy and the boss don’t always mix.

But “when harnessed properly, humour and laughter can be powerful tools in and out of the boardroom”, according to an Independent article.

And that's where former stand-up comic and current behaviour expert Stephanie Davies comes in.

Davis founded Laughology, “a unique enterprise that uses the science of laughter and humour to develop psychology-based programmes that help people in a range of settings, several of which are the boardrooms of blue-chip companies”.

She goes through a range of exercises including executive coaching, communication and presentation skills and staff engagement; with staff and management in order to create a happier workplace, the article read.

"Language and the way we use it has a huge bearing on how we are perceived," she told the Independent.

"Some executives use lingo, acronyms and corporate bulls**t, which are all inaccessible to normal people.

“One of the most important aspects of leadership is connecting with people and to achieve this you need to re-frame the language you use. It is archaic to be talking to people in old-style leadership speak.

“Look at Barack Obama, he'll often use humour and the common touch to get a message across."

If Davis were to venture into your office, you could expect her to do the following: "I get them [executives] to stand up and tell a funny story about something that happened to them, in front of their peers.

“Many squirm at first. But suddenly their whole method of communication changes, they become upbeat, open and, most importantly, they start to use simplistic, accessible language.

“It's a powerful way of getting people to realise how to deliver a message in a more human way. It's not about turning people into David Brent, it's about turning them into Barack Obama."

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