Top five stories of 2013

As another year draws to a close we recap the stories that had everyone clicking this year.

Top five stories of 2013
It’s been a big year for HR with amendments to employment laws being debated to the establishment of a new Health and Safety organisation. And while the big news may have been dominating the headlines, HR professionals have also been enjoying more light hearted stories on the profession. We take a look back at the top five articles that had you all clicking away.
  1. How to Manage Women at work the 1940s way
This article offering ‘Tips on Getting More Efficiency Out of Women” taken from a 1943 publication bought in the numbers and plenty of amusement.
  1. Fonterra HR Chief resigns
Fonterra’s Managing Director of People Culture and Services, Chris Caldwell, shock resignation announcement saw clicks go sky high.
  1. Airline loses Employment battle
The outcome of Air New Zealand’s employment battle with a flight attendant, which included asking for access to the individuals Facebook account, piqued the interest of many of our readers.
  1. Looking for the office star look for the messy desk
HR professionals seeking out their office stars enjoyed this article which revealed a study by an American University, found those with messy desks where more imaginative then those who kept theirs tidy.
  1. The Warehouse group pledges to pay a living wage
The living wage was a popular topic of 2013 among HR especailly with Auckland City Council announcing it was investigating the idea and Wellington City Council agreeing in principle to becoming a Living Wage Council. But leading the way was The Warehouse who announced in May their pledge to pay staff a living wage.

Other popular stories from the year include:

What the Fonterra fallout means for HR
Facebook dismissals in New Zealand
Five signs your employee is about to resign
Outrageous excuses for calling in sick

We here at HRM Online thank you for your support, and we’ll see you next year when we return!

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