Qualtrics chief people officer: top 3 HR predictions for 2023

'Leaders will have to navigate big organizational shifts and changes'

Qualtrics chief people officer: top 3 HR predictions for 2023

HR leaders can expect to face many of the same challenges in 2023 as they did last year, according to Julia Anas, chief people officer at Qualtrics, a technology firm with offices in Seattle and Provo, UT.

The nearly 20-year HR veteran recently shared with HRD TV her top three predictions for the industry this year.

“Leaders will have to navigate big organizational shifts and changes, which may include making decisions that employees might not fully agree with,” Anas said. “That’s why listening is a very strategic business strategy, especially during challenging times. Even if it’s not the outcome they expected, having your employees understand that they were heard is really important.”

Of course, many high-profile employers across the United States have been making major changes, such as mass layoffs and hiring freezes, ahead of an anticipated recession. In order to keep morale from plummeting, Anas predicts empathy will play an even bigger role than ever before.

“Leading with empathy will make a difference in employee loyalty,” Anas said. “Being able to demonstrate you truly care and will meet people where they’re at creates a deeper connection with employees. Being empathetic to the needs of your employees will also help you successfully lead through change.”

The labor market has certainly gone through upheaval over the past couple years, which Anas expects that to continue in 2023. That’s why she predicts an even greater investment in career development to not only attract, but also retain top talent.

“Upskilling and reskilling are going to be really important,” Anas said. “At Qualtrics, we’re talking a lot more about internal mobility and what that looks like, how we can share those employee stories and celebrate leaders who are exporting talent internally. It’s all about supporting that aspiration and drive of the employee while also aligning with the business’ needs.”

Anas shares her the three biggest lessons she learned in 2022, as well as what she’s most looking forward to achieving this year in the latest episode of HRD TV.

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