Three ways to build a successful DEI program

Culture AMP's senior director of equitable design, product & people reveals how your company can strengthen its diversity

Three ways to build a successful DEI program

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) aren’t merely buzzwords to give your company the appearance of being progressive – they’re essential to remaining competitive in the labor market in 2022 and beyond.

That’s critical as the Great Resignation has left organizations in every industry scrambling for talent.

“Companies that are fostering inclusive and equitable cultures are going to be a place where people want to belong,” says Aubrey Blanche, senior director of equitable design, product & people at Culture Amp, a platform that helps companies improve employee engagement, retention and performance. The platform is used by more than 5,000 organizations, including Nasdaq, Oracle and McDonald’s, with more than 25 million employees. California tech heavyweights AirBnB, Salesforce and Slack also rely upon Culture Amp.

Watch the HRD TV video here.

Since the racial protests throughout the United States in the summer of 2020, more and more companies have made commitments to launching and cultivating DEI efforts. However, Culture Amp’s research shows that only about 40% of businesses currently have DEI staff and nearly 80% of those folks have been hired in the last 18 months.

“Not only are many DEI professionals new to their roles, but often they’re a team of only one, which isn’t an appropriate resourcing strategy,” Blanche says. “Companies that are currently failing at DEI, which is quite honestly most of them, have the skills, but they don’t have the will and the investment. Treating DEI the same way that you do another business priority is most predictive of making progress.”

For companies looking to step up their DEI game, or for those eager to launch an initiative but aren’t sure how to do so, Blanche reveals the best in-house strategies to bolster your organization’s diversity efforts in this exclusive video interview with HRD.

Watch the HRD TV video here.

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