Where are the best destinations for remote workers in 2024?

Report unveils top places to work remotely based on cost of living, safety, incentives

Where are the best destinations for remote workers in 2024?

Madrid has emerged as the top destination for remote workers across the world, according to a new report.

The city has the "ideal conditions for a remote worker living in Spain,” said Remote, supporting globally distributed workforces.

"No matter how long you're looking to stay, Madrid is ever welcoming, thanks to low taxes and generous expat visa options targeted at freelances and remote workers.”

The Spanish capital also has a rich culture of classical art, architecture, and cuisine, said the report.

"Madrid is famous for its mix of medieval romance and modern sophistication. Breathtaking scenery, galleries, restaurants, cafes, and a flourishing nightlight keep this city of three million abuzz longer than you can stay awake."

The list is based on evaluations of various locations across the world in terms of openness, cost of living, safety, quality of life, internet infrastructure, attractiveness, inflation, and incentives for remote workers.

Other top destinations for remote workers

Coming in second is Madeira in Portugal, another popular haven for tourists, and now for remote workers as well.

"For remote workers and internationals, Madeira offers competitive tax rates, generous residency options, coworking and living spaces built with digital nomads in mind, and a burgeoning start-up community," Remote said.

The third destination is Toronto, Canada, which "checks all the boxes for remote workers," according to the report.

"Toronto consistently makes global lists for top cities for safety, quality of life, things to do, and economic growth.”

With around half of its residents born outside Canada, this makes it one of the "world's most welcoming for international transplants," the report said. The full top 10 list include:

Source: Remote's Top 100 Global Destinations for Remote Work

"This year's list of the top global destinations for remote work, many of which are places where we've seen strong year-over-year hiring growth on Remote's platform, reflects not just the best places to live and work remotely, but also the evolving landscape of what remote professionals need to thrive in a post-pandemic world," said Job van der Voort, co-founder and CEO of Remote, in a statement.

"One of the most exciting aspects of distributed work is how it can enable an exchange of cultures, ideas, and innovations and enrich communities. We're eager to witness the positive impact that global citizens will have on their chosen destinations."

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