What are the top 3 things jobseekers want in 2023?

As head of global talent acquisition at Vanguard, Tiffany Haley knows exactly what people are looking for

What are the top 3 things jobseekers want in 2023?

Tiffany Haley, head of global talent acquisition at investment management powerhouse Vanguard, says job candidates are looking for three main things from potential employers in 2023.

The first is that their values align with those of the company they end up working for.

“Candidates are looking at the company’s mission, how credible it is and the way its employees live it,” Haley told HRD. “Coming out of everything people have gone through these past few years, how they want to spend their time is of the utmost importance to them.”

Secondly, candidates more than ever want to feel valued and supported as a whole person. Thus, HR leaders need to be curating benefits packages that support employees holistically. That means resources for childcare/elder care, mental health, fitness and well-being, financial wellness, even housekeeping.

“It’s about giving employees options, flexibility and choice to increase their overall wellness,” Haley says. “If you can come at it from all those different angles of wellness, then you have an offering that tells folks you care about them.”

Lastly, candidates are focused on training, learning and development, reskilling and upskilling.

They want to improve their skills and expand their knowledge base to either move up the company ladder or grow their careers elsewhere. It’s a two-way street: providing ongoing learning opportunities that allow employees to learn new skills can also lead to a higher retention rate. Companies with formal mentorship programs increased intra-organizational relationships and collaboration by 37%, and when companies offer mentorship programs, employee engagement and retention increase by 50%, according to a study by the Association for Talent Development.

“People want a reciprocal relationship, where they show up as their best selves and pour into the career they care about, and hope the company pours back into them in terms of career development,” Haley says.

In the latest episode of HRD America Talk, Haley also shares Vanguard’s recruiting strategy.

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