FIFA expands maternity leave for female coaches

Soccer's governing body also introduces new family, adoption leave schemes

FIFA expands maternity leave for female coaches

FIFA has expanded its paid maternity leave coverage, as well as introduced new leave entitlements to women in its latest revision of policy, according to reports.

Soccer's international governing body has included coaches in its 14-week paid maternity leave scheme, which was introduced to players in 2020.

FIFA has also begun implementing an eight-week paid adoption leave policy for players or coaches who will adopt a child younger than two years old.

The period of paid absence will be reduced to four weeks for the adoption of a child between two and four years of age. It will be further cut down to two weeks for a child older than four.

FIFA has also introduced a new eight-week family leave policy, which is granted to female players or coaches other than the biological mother following the birth of the child.

"The family leave must be taken within six months of the date of birth of the child and cannot be accumulated with adoption leave for the same child," FIFA’s new regulations read.

The new paid leave entitlements have begun take effect this June, after they were approved by the FIFA Council in May, The Associated Press reported.

Other changes to policy introduced by FIFA include enabling clubs to register a player outside the registration period to temporarily replace another player on maternity, family, or adoption leave.

Players returning from these leave days may also be registered outside the designated period, according to the report.

Menstrual health policy

Meanwhile, FIFA has also mandated clubs to "respect the needs of female players related to their menstrual cycle and menstrual health."

This includes allowing female players to be absent from training or matches whenever their menstrual health requires.

"The player shall be entitled to receive her full remuneration when exercising these rights related to menstrual health," FIFA’s regulations read.

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