ABC facing threat of industrial action

by Miklos Bolza08 Sep 2016
The Fair Work Commission (FWC) has approved an application for protected industrial action lodged by the Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) against the ABC.
The decision allows employees who are members of the union to vote on whether industrial action will be taken, and signals stalled negotiations between ABC and the CPSU over a proposed enterprise agreement.
The union has claimed that management from the ABC had proposed changes to rostering which would require staff to work longer hours at shorter notice.
It also claimed the broadcaster wanted to eliminate travel allowance payments, reduce the minimum call-out time for casuals (from four hours to two), and refused to consider better redundancy entitlements.
The ABC has hit back, saying that it sought no cuts to current arrangements. Instead, the two-hour minimum call out would only be used in limited circumstances and the travel allowance was only being shifted from the agreement into ABC policy.
“The ABC has made significant concessions and compromises to our positions as negotiations with staff and their representatives have progressed over the past 23 weeks,” a spokesperson told HC.
They continued saying that they had offered the following to staff:
  • A pay rise of two per cent each year for three years
  • A two per cent bonus for high performers
  • A two-week increase in maternity and spouse/partner leave
  • Seven days of “family violence” leave (a new benefit)
  • An increase in casual loading of five per cent
  • Expanded superannuation payments to include those on unpaid maternity leave
While industrial action will likely have an impact on programming, the spokesperson said there would be enough time to prepare.
“Any action taken by the CPSU does have the potential to impact on programming, however under the orders issued by the Fair Work Commission the ABC will be provided with at least twenty days’ notice until such action can be taken.”
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  • by What the?? 8/09/2016 3:45:29 PM

    An increase above CPI, plus other perks, in a safe and stable organisation funded by the government? This sort of deal is something that private industry workers and employees in small business would dearly love to be given, yet they are striking. Stinks of ingratitude to me.

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