Chief people officer reveals key aspect of rewards and recognition programs

Telvista was named one of HRD America’s Best Places to Work in 2022

Chief people officer reveals key aspect of rewards and recognition programs

To compete for top talent and keep those they already have, HR teams across every industry have been tasked with redefining what makes their company worth working for.

Although extravagant perks are being dangled to get candidates in the door, what happens a month, a quarter or a year into their employment is even more important. If we’ve learned anything during the pandemic, it’s that companies need to earn the commitment of their employees by acknowledging their hard work, demonstrating appreciation and investing in their future. 

Telvista, a Dallas-based provider of contact solutions which was named to HRD America’s inaugural Best Places to Work, offers employee rewards and recognition through either peer-reviewed recognition programs or employee-level awards that are recognized during town halls and other gatherings on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

“We'll be building on that as the months progress because we’ve created various focus groups that help feed us information about how to drive those activities within the organization,” Loren Rosario-Maldonado, chief people officer at Telvista, told HRD.

“One key aspect of those programs is that we have to make sure that they're not one-and-done-type programs, that we're continuing to gauge where the company is headed while at the same time incorporating the feedback we get from employees at all levels of the organization.”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Rosario-Maldonado says, Telvista has become more transparent about its rewards and recognition initiatives. “We have the various focus groups and we feed information not only to leadership, but also back to the focus group so that we have complete transparency and a bidirectional feedback loop across the different layers and levels of the organization.”

In the latest episode of HRD TV, Rosario-Maldonado dives into other reasons that Telvista was named one of HRD America’s inaugural Best Places to Work.

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