Where are the top destinations for global jobseekers?

Nearly a quarter of employees in search of job opportunity overseas: report

Where are the top destinations for global jobseekers?

Nearly one in four employees are looking for a job opportunity overseas, according to a new report, which revealed the most popular destinations for international jobseekers.

A new survey among over 150,000 respondents from 188 countries revealed that the top destinations of international jobseekers are Australia, United States, and Canada.

By city, the most popular for jobseekers is London, followed by Amsterdam and Dubai.

Source: Decoding Global Talent 2024

The findings come as 23% of the respondents said they are actively seeking jobs in other countries, with 63% expressing an overall willingness to do so.

The top reason for wanting to move is financial and economic reasons, as cited by 64% of the respondents. They also cited general career considerations (56%), better overall quality of life (55%), and concrete job offers (54%).

Source: Decoding Global Talent 2024

Expectations of employers

Meanwhile, employees accepting job offers from overseas are also expecting various benefits from their future employers, according to the report.

More than three in four (79%) respondents are expecting housing assistance when they move to a new country under a new employer. Others are expecting relocation support (69%), as well as visa and work permit assistance (98%)

Source: Decoding Global Talent 2024

Jens Baier, managing director, senior partner and leader of BCG's work in HR excellence, told employers that tapping on overseas talent will require an "overhaul" on recruiting, relocating, and integrating talent.

"They may have to challenge their own biases and look for talent in markets and regions that they had not previously considered," Baier said.

"Governments also play a strong enabling role in this process. They must establish policies, incentives, and frameworks that help employers bring in the talent they need. Employers and nations that tap into such positive energy from the millions of workers with mobile aspirations will gain a major competitive advantage and source of growth."

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