Telvista chief people officer shares strategy for low attrition rate

'What haven't we done should be the question'

Telvista chief people officer shares strategy for low attrition rate

To be named to HRD America’s Best Places to Work, you must have a low attrition rate.

Telvista, a Dallas-based provider of contact solutions, has done just that even in the midst of the Great Resignation.

“What haven't we done should be the question,” Loren Rosario-Maldonado, chief people officer at Telvista, told HRD. “We’ve focused a lot on building up our employee-centered practices. We launched a leadership development program and we're launching a leadership program for our female employees. Building upon our employee value proposition has been the biggest effort on our part. We've always been very people centered, but we’ve augmented those practices. That's what has gotten us to continue to mitigate the attrition.”

As part of the employee value proposition, Telvista offers your standard benefits and perks, but like many firms, it has increased investment in learning and development to prepare its current employees to become company leaders in the future.

“We're also adding resources that can help employees build upon their professional development,” Rosario-Maldonado says. “Most recently, we launched a program where employees, a select group of employees, can earn scholarships to earn multiple levels of degrees, whether it's a bachelor's, master's or even a doctorate.”

“It's important because we're a call center,” Rosario-Maldonado adds, “and one of the things that we've noticed is that we’ve created various career paths along the different tracks. And what we've noticed is that employees want to see more of that. They want to see more development. They want to see more engagement. Adding the professional development component helps reach a wider net of employees while at the same time helps develop them during their tenure with us.”

In the latest episode of HRD TV, Rosario-Maldonado dives into other reasons that Telvista was named one of HRD America’s inaugural Best Places to Work.

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