Over 3 in 4 employees optimistic about AI's impact at work: survey

Concerns remain about effect on mental health, work-life balance, job security

Over 3 in 4 employees optimistic about AI's impact at work: survey

More than three in four employees feel positive about the impact of artificial intelligence at work, but doubts remain over its potential consequences, according to a new report.

Resume Now's State of AI in the Workplace report revealed that 78% of employees in the United States feel "somewhat over very positive" about using AI for work purposes.

This includes 62% of employees who believe that AI will "positively impact the workplace," according to the report. Only three per cent feel negatively about the technology for work.

Source: Resume Now

Potential consequences

The positive outlook of AI in the workplace comes despite strong fears over its consequences, according to the report.

More than three in five (63%) employees said they have some fears about AI, including 62% who are afraid of losing their jobs because of it.

Another 61% said they are worried that using AI at work will increase their burnout levels, with younger employees, or those aged 25 and below, more worried (87%) about it, according to the report.

The older they get, however, the less these anxieties are: 73% of employees between 26 and 40 and worried about AI increasing burnout, while only 47% of employees 41 and above are concerned about it.

Meanwhile, another 42% of employees are afraid AI will negatively impact work-life balance, the report found.

Older employees, aged 41 and older, are most likely to be worried about AI negatively impacting their work-life balance (51%).

Younger employees, however, are less concerned about it. Only 34% of employees aged between 26 and 40 are worried about AI hurting work-life balance, and only 29% of employees aged 25 and younger share similar sentiments.

Concerns over AI hurting work-life balance come despite a recent report from Microsoft finding that employees report saving time due to the technology. AI also boosts their creativity and allow them to focus on their most important work, according to the research.

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